Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement and Values

Evangel University partners with CoxHealth Sports Medicine to provide comprehensive health care in a caring, compassionate, and competent environment.


As healthcare providers, we choose to be honest and upfront about the patients' well-being and treatment plan. We will not sacrifice an athlete's well-being for any reason. We also refrain from negative influences on athletes' opinions, moods, and team culture. We commit to providing an atmosphere of positivity and optimism.


As healthcare providers, we seek to extend compassion to each athlete who presents an injury. We recognize that at that point in time, their life is being changed and it is beyond their control.


As healthcare providers, we extend professional language, behavior, and attitude to everyone we interact with.


As healthcare providers, we are committed to staying current in the fields of athletic training and sports medicine.


As healthcare providers, we remember that a kind word can change the course of someone's day. We will seek every opportunity to extend kindness in our work.